Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Salad Days

Mangaka: Inokuma Shinobu

Maybe there’s something about romantic manga, but one can never seem to get enough of unrequited love, stammering confessions, cantankerous side characters, and of course the obligatory stolen kiss. If you’re looking for a high school drama or simply a one-shot of light romantic fare; look no further. Salad Days is a collection of short stories (often about two chapters long each, though some only have one- and a few, three chapters) each dealing with a different story line; all involving some sort of romantic tale.

The pacing moves quickly- a full story is told well without seeming rushed and characters are established clearly and immediately without confusion or excessive exposition. However, there is a reason author Inokuma Shinobu chose the name “Salad Days,” the stories are about as filling to the voracious manga reader as a salad in a three course meal; but in the end, it all depends on what you have a taste for. With interesting storylines that are exciting enough to keep the same theme alive issue after issue, on a site that has good scans, is easily navigated, and has a dedicated one-man powerhouse for a scantalator; “Salad Days” is a manga that deserves a look; if not a prolonged, sparkling, rose-emblazoned gaze.

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