Monday, November 12, 2007

Godhand Teru

Mangaka Kazuki Yamamoto

Synopsis: It's difficult to believe that Dr. Mahigashi Teru is the newest surgeon at the Yasuda Memorial Hospital, being really clumsy and all. Inspite of this, his utmost dedication to his patients and respect for life makes him determined not to let any of his patients die. When faced with an insurmountable challenge, he changes personality in the OR. Unbeknown to many, Dr. Teru has inherited his father's so-called "godhands" which enables him to perform the most difficult of surgeries successfully and gives him amazing insight into his patients' condition more accurately than any medical equipment can.

Comments: How come Dr. Teru looks like an elementary school kid? And how come this manga doesn't seem to have any female doctors? But other than that, it's heart-warming and funny as hell. Lots of medical jargon, too, but the scanlators try to explain everything in laymen's terms and even if you don't understand the terms, you'll still get the story so don't worry about that. Inspite of the medical theme, this manga is leaning towards comedy and mythology more than heavy drama, so if you're looking for something ER-like, you won't find that here.

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