Saturday, July 26, 2008

Yotsubato ! Enjoy Everything

Manga by : Kiyohiko Azuma

"An outstanding manga at last" , thats what I think after I read the first book, and guest what? It get even better until book 6.
Yotsubato is a tale about a child named Yotsubato who is really enjoying everything while in the same time mainting her cuteness (kawai !!) Yeah, we, the adults should be ashamed complaining the same thing everyday...
This is obvious a comedy comic. Some of the scene are extremely funny while some of them are 'ok'.

The thing that I like most about Yotsubato is the graphic. The scene and background in this wonderful manga might remind you with your childhood. The more I read this comic, the more I want to go to Japan (someday ^ ^)

You might think the story is kinda flat, but thats what made this comic better. THERE ARE NO PROTAGONIST CHARACTER !! Yeah guys, thats rare. Maybe thats what make me quite peaceful when reading this comic. There are only funny interaction between the good guys.
No backstabbing bastards, no cunning prick.

You should read this comic, some of you might happened to hate it. But I am sure the majority are going to LOVE it. Yotsubato is extremely lovely.

Story : 9 / 10
Graphic : 10 / 10