Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Parfait Tic!

Mangaka: Nanaji Nagamu

Summary: Fuuko Kameyama's life was perfectly fine until one day, the Shinpo cousins move next door. Although both of them are equally hot, Daiya and Ichi Shinpo are as different from one another as night and day. Daiya is a wild and wacky playboy while Ichi is the cold, mysterious type. Which cousin does Fuuko fall for, and which will she end up with?

Comments: I love Parfait Tic! It's just so sweet and mushy and cute :) The premise may sound like your typical predictable shoujo manga but the story has many twists and turns. The story never gets too sickeningly sweet and the plot, though simple, will keep you guessing and rooting for a cousin until the end. The drawings -- the character designs, the clothes they wear, and Fuuko's hairdos -- are just as cute as the story.

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Anonymous said...

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