Sunday, October 21, 2007


story: Nobuyuki Fukumoto
artwork: Kaiji Kawaguchi

Old school buddies Asai and Ishikura are out hiking the 3,200-meter peak of Mt. Obari when they get lost in a storm. Ishikura falls and injures himself and is ready to die then and there in the snow when he confesses to having once murdered someone. Then, miraculously, the two manage to find a lodge, and their lives are saved. Ishikura begins to regret his confession. And Asai, who senses this, begins to panic.

Might Ishikura kill him, too?

CONFESSION is pure horror and suspense, all on a snow-capped mountain top. This is a one series manga. The story is thrilling and very high paced, you will be impatient when you are turning the pages and I think you will definitely like the ending. The art is average, nothing special but it is still nice to watch.

Review Score:

Story : 9 / 10

Art : 8 / 10


Anonymous said...

do you have another link?
I prefer not to download from megaupload.

Andri said...

currently, i dont have it, maybe the others have it?